Every believer on mission bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, responding to the call to make disciples. 

Do Something good!

acts 10:38

"... God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him."

get involved - pray! Give! Go!


3FOLD Missionary Prayer - 
Join the 3FOLD Missionary Prayer Team! Choose a missionary from over 30 that Sonrise supports and pray for them daily. Gather to get connected and to receive the missionaries most recent prayer requests! 

Missions Trips - 
Pray for an individual or team going out on a missions trips. Pray about going on a future trip and begin to prepare yourself to do so!


Time, Talent, Treasure - 

Contribute, prepare or gather supplies team will take with them on the field. Financially support individuals and team going out on missions trips, and have fun doing so at a Missions Fundraiser. 
Volunteer your time or talent in a Sonrise ministry! Missions Ministry has 5 branches: Missionary Support, Mission Awareness, Trips, Training, Communications. Contact Deanna Brenner  


Local Missions -

Get involved with a local mission ministry Sonrise supports, such as Eagle's Nest Foundation, Casino Road Kids Ministries, Pregnancy Resource Center and others. Stop by the Mission Center to receive local ministry contact information. 
Get involved with the Goodness Army at Sonrise. Contact John Gravallese

Global Missions Trips -
Prepare and go on a mission trip! See calendar/ Stop by Missions Venter to receive a Mission Trip Application Packet. Your first step to going!

Opportuntities to go!

2017 Missions Calendar 


JAN 2017
This team will be partnering with World Outreach ministry Foundation and Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries. They will be teaching biblical business practices to promote a self sustaining lifestyle. Some team members may be staying longer to explore helping the indigenous people establish their own business.
Contact: Pastor Dan Hamme -


FEB/MAR 2017

This team will be hosting a Represent-like event during evening called "Youth Fest,' as well as ministering in local schools and the surrounding area. 
Contact: Pastor John Hammer -


This team will be partnering with Gary and Sandy Blake, missionaries Sonrise supports. The team will receive training for evangelism and street ministry, before going to market places, hospitals and other public areas to present the gospel and pray for individuals. 
Contact: Deanna & Pat Brenner -

Los Angeles

This Relentless Youth team will be partnering with The Dream Center working with those trying to come off the streets of LA. 
Contact: Pastor Andre Benjamin -


NOV 2017
This team will partner with Dr. Matthew Thomas of Centra India Outreach


This team will partner with Mark Warkentin of Cross Border International Ministry. 

Keep an eye out for information on potential trips to other locations such as;

Indonedia, cyprus, greece, netherlands, north korea, romania, and CHina  

If you have questions or would like to know more about Sonrise Christian Center’s ministry to other nations, please contact