Technical Arts

“We are a Spirit filled church family, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth”

In a world full of confusion about God’s identity, human identity, and reality itself, the value of ‘...bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth,’ becomes a critical mission. Bringing that message to the audience of the world is a function of disseminating media.  Media (music, video, news, sermons, presentations, art, etc) is not only a tool to empower christians to share God’s love, peace, and joy, but also to share His opinions and character with the world. It is a way to worship God by taking joy in work and creativity, as His creation. 

Sonrise Media is training people with the right aptitude and work ethic to become empowering voices in the world of media in order to take the message of Christ to every person on Earth. There are many competing messages put out by the world, so our voice must be compelling, powerful and distinct from that chaos. Skill and persistence are essential to reach the world audience. By acquiring the necessary skill with hard work, the Spirit can not only reach people, but take them beyond the first steps of encountering Christ and into lasting, bold maturity in God. 

Sonrise Media is looking for people who want to learn and practice the following arts:

  • Music Production
  • Video Production
  • Presentation for video and live audiences
  • Lighting for Media Production
  • News, opinion, and story development

There is a great need for servants of all ages.  From weekly services to special events, many servants are needed to sustain audio visual needs and produce media projects. We are looking for people interested in the following:

  • Camera Operations
  • Live sound
  • Presentation operation
  • Video editing
  • Media management
  • Documentation

Training and Expectations:

Each servant in our department will be expected to practice onsite and learn necessary skills. Our desire is to produce professional media that can compete in quality with other non profit outlets, such as National Public Radio (NPR). The audience that uses this media will require a professional quality that can easily be utilized. Sonrise Media wants to positively affect the advancement of the Kingdom. What we do has great impact in the world, so we take our roles seriously and professionally, serving in joy with purpose. 

To learn more about serving and training, contact . Let us know interest, skill level, and specific skills that may apply. Positions will be filled based on availability and at the discretion of Sonrise Media. 

Additional projects include: Completing an audio/video studio, setting up video shooting areas, reworking acoustics in various rooms, development of news stories, opinions and positional white papers for videos. If you already have skills in some of these area’s and want to help, please contact us. 

If you have some skill with either HTML, or some other basic website building experience, Pastor Kevin is recruiting a team to help manage the various websites and social media platforms pertaining to Sonrise and it's ministries. If you'd like to apply to volunteer, and receive hands on training in the skills it takes to manage and build websites, social media marketing, HTML, and other exciting geeky tech stuff, contact Pastor Kevin via email at   


Sound in the Sanctuary

At Sonrise Christian Center, services are centered around God-focused worship and are open to people of all ages and musical tastes. However, it does not necessarily cater to musical tastes or preferences for musical intensity. On this page is a a sound map of the main sanctuary. This map helps the congregation identify the music volume in different parts of the room, making it easier to choose a seat.

The sound in the main sanctuary is in stereo so that instruments can be placed in a sound field from left to right. This allows the congregation to better hear the different instruments. Stereo is interesting because it creates some acoustic phenomenons. For instance, the closer one is to the center of the room, between the speakers, the more bass punch they will experience. The center will also provide a louder sound and have slightly more clarity. This center of sound power begins about three rows back from the front chairs and continues to the back of the room. As one moves from the front of the room toward the back, sound will become more even and slightly duller due to reflections of sound in the room which cause ambience and reverberation. 

Our speakers are currently placed so that there is less hi-frequency (brightness) between the stage and the first row. This speaker placement allows prayer teams to focus on ministering instead of distracting sound, however low frequencies are powerful in this area due to the stereo effect. This placement also allows for less sound power in our chair rows close to the side walls. These outer seating rows are best for people who want less volume. As sound travels from the speakers, the reverb and ambiance of the room will mellow out the intensity and become quieter. So the further you are from a speaker the less volume you will experience. Never stand within 10 feet of the front of speakers during loud worship as you can have hearing damage within 30 minutes of high volume levels. 

There are various music styles played by volunteers with various skill levels. The mixing of this music varies quite a bit. Depending on the service and sometimes it may be brighter with high frequency or more dull with a greater amount of low frequency. Music is art. Music engineering is also art. Similar to playing an instrument, each time one practices there are differing results. We embrace the art created by God in each artist, whether musician or music engineer.