Youth Ministry

 Greetings Sonrise Family,

This is Pastor Kevin, I wanted to reach out to the Relentless Families of our amazing youth and just encourage you with all that the Lord is doing, and inform you of the direction our youth group is headed in this next season.

With summer coming to a close, we have experienced such a massive breakthrough in all our lives throughout this season. Pastor Andre now shifting into the Young Adult Pastor, and myself stepping into the full-time role of Youth Pastor. We experienced massive transformation at teen camp this year as great influencers such as Jasmine Tate, Jason Mattera, Grace Kim, Andre and Ambra Benjamin, and even our own youth leader Tony Chambers invested their Kingdom influence into our life as believers. Young people were awakened again to the power of the Holy Ghost living in them as many were filled with the Holy Spirit both for the first time, and others finding a rekindling of the gifts of God.

Also having just returned from a life-changing trip to Honduras serving alongside brother Tom Stamman’s ministry, our team of 17 worked on several projects, from pouring cement stairs, painting orphanages, digging trenches for conduit, to hosting worship services for kids, sharing their own personal testimonies, praying for people in a park church service in the rain, where the presence of God fell, and the Holy Spirit using each and every one of us to bring deliverance, healing, miracles, and radical encounters with the overwhelming presence of God. 

Moving forward, our young people want to continue this fire, and watch it spread within Relentless Youth, not just at camp, or somewhere else in the nations, but here in our city, and in our schools. With that in mind, I have just three things I am seeking your investment in helping us reach God’s plans and purposes for the youth of our city.

#1. Prayer!

Maybe it sounds cliché however we are in desperate need for the prayers of the saints to rise up. We are facing down the giants of the land and need your faith and prayers to destroy the lie’s and works that have been raised up against our youth. One strategic prayer point you can partner with us on is the lie I’ve seen believed for nearly 8 years of my involvement within the youth here at Sonrise. Many, if not all students in some way feel like no one likes them, and everyone else is friends but them. Perhaps you’re reading this and are saying, “My kid feels the same way. They feel essentially all alone in a room full of people.” This is a lie of the enemy being used effectively against the body of Christ aimed to prevent young people from having healthy relationships amongst the body of believers. I need your prayer and support in combating these lies both in the spiritual and in the natural. If you feed a lie, it will grow. Speak the truth of God over our children, and declare prophetically over them that they are the body of the church, and they need one another, even if the foot doesn’t understand how the hand is important, it doesn’t matter, they are necessary and valuable, and when your child isn’t here, we are handicapped as we are missing part of our body that God is building, His Church.

#2. Sunday’s and Wednesday’s

Sunday’s and Wednesday’s are going to look a little different. We want to continue to grow with the heart of Sonrise, and to do so we are seeking the Lord for more volunteers and leaders to help facilitate that growth. Each service will host light breakfast snacks and drinks, a continuation of the topic shared previously on Wednesday night in a short all group discussion, then our leaders will team up with the students to continue in small group discussions taking the topics further, building relationships, and individual prayer. We have some excellent leaders loving on these kids, but we are in need of some amazing parents who want to be a voice to someone else’s children. We understand you don’t want to step on your kid’s toes, but if you could speak into a few other kid’s lives, you may very well become the answer to another parents prayers. 

#3. Youth Outreach Gathering

Wednesday Nights are going to be designed as our “Youth Outreach Gathering.” There are so many areas we would love to serve with you on Wednesday nights, from greeting new visitors, to post service follow up with the guests, inviting them back, sending our “Thanks for Visiting Cards” preparing meals, and more. My heart is to see the 100’s to 1,000’s of kids that live within walking distance of Sonrise, who have no relationship with Jesus, begin coming and encountering His presence for the first time. Our doors will open at 6:30, and we will dismiss by 8:30 as our usual goal end time, lights out by 9:00. Please cover us in prayer during those times, Thank you. 

I want to thank you all for your overwhelming love and support in this transition, and thank you for your patience as work towards utilizing the systems and methods of communication for family that work best for us all. Please feel free to reach out to me here at Sonrise any time, and stop by our connection table in the youth during services to get flyers and calendars of upcoming events. 

Get Involved

If your family attends multiple services we  encourage you to choose a service to receive, and a service to serve. Youth are able to serve in Kids Ministry, the Bookstore, and the Cafe. If you are looking for places to serve, or are in need of community service hours for school, and would like to do so, please contact Pastor Kevin at  

Wednesday nights, please come join us for pre-service prayer at 5:30pm in the youth sanctuary, and enjoy our games, and cafe until from 6:00pm-7:00pm when service begins at 7:00pm and goes until 8:30pm. 

Occasional, unofficial post youth group gatherings happen following service as some groups may go enjoy some bubble tea, a cheeseburger, or ice cream. 

  • Yearly functions include: winter retreat, summer camp, mission trip as well as our annual Youth & Young Adult Represent Conference.  


Summer Camp


Dates: July 26th to the 29th 
Where: Cedar Springs Camp (Lake Stevens, WA)
Cost: $220
All Washington FCA Youth Groups Invited. 
The theme for this camp is SURVIVOR! 
Guest speaker: MATT RAE 
***Permission slips are required

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