Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care ministries at Sonrise are as follows:

We offer counseling depending on the situation.  We do not do counseling with children.  Our counseling is offered as Pastoral Counseling from a Biblical basis.  We do not offer professional counseling by licensed professionals.  If you are wanting that or we feel you need that type of assistance we can give you a referral.  Our counseling is usually done on a one-to-one basis or if you are married then with both Husband and Wife present.  Our counseling may be offered in a class format such as attending a marriage class or seminar.  There is no cost for our counseling, however if we refer you to an outside professional agency they will have their fees.

Pastoral Care also involves helping with different life events such as weddings and memorial services.  We provide pre-marital counseling and do weddings at the pastors approval.  When there is a need for a funeral or memorial service we can assist in planning and officiating at one of those services. 

Under our Pastoral Care ministry we also deal with Benevolence Ministry which is providing financial assistance on a short term, emergency basis for basic needs such as food, gas for your vehicle, rental assistance and a few other basic needs. 

We can also assist you in getting connected with the right people so you can learn more about the Spiritual Gifts God has designed you with and how to get connected with one of our small group ministries so you can develop relationships and grow spiritually.

We also do hospital visitation and on occasion home visits for those who are ill and recovering.

Thanks for your interest in Sonrise and let us know if we can be of assistance.  Contact Pastor Doug Martin at 425.879.2802 or  .