Sonrise Bible Reading Plan

2-year reading plan

Thank you for checking out our Sonrise Bible reading plan. You can download this plan here. This is the 2 year through the Bible plan as laid out by the free Blue Letter Bible app. This plan takes 2 years to complete reading the whole Bible through one time. Many people wonder what is the right type of way to read the Bible. This plan was chosen because it averages about 2 chapters of reading per day and makes it more manageable for people with busy schedules to complete a plan for reading the whole Bible. It also allows for greater focus and meditation on the Scripture each day being a smaller portion than other Bible reading plans. Here are some tips and FAQs to help you in the journey of reading the Bible daily:

  • Use this plan with someone else (your spouse, family, mentor or home group), knowing someone else is reading along with you makes it helpful to discuss what you are learning and hearing from God.
  • Find a good Bible translation that is accurate and easy for you to read, we suggest the NKJV, the NIV, the NASB, the ESV or the NLT. 
  • Consider getting a study Bible, such as the Spirit-filled Life Bible to help make sense of the history and story going on behind the scenes, this is especially helpful in portions that are more challenging to understand.
  • What if I start late, should I start at the beginning? No, I would say start on the date listed so you can join with the church.
  • What if I have another Bible reading plan that I really like? Stick with another plan if it works for you and helps you read the Scripture daily. This is not mandatory but a tool for anyone or any groups that find it helpful.
  • What if I want to read more than 2-3 chapters a day? Consider reading daily in the Psalms and Proverbs as well. It would also be great to pick a book for the week, month or year in the New Testament that you read over and over and study in a deeper way.
  • What if I get behind? You can make it up or just jump ahead to the date the reading is on. This is not about a checklist or feeling guilty if you miss a day, it’s purpose is to help us daily spend time with Jesus and grow in God’s Word. 
  • You can download the free Blue Letter Bible app and use their daily checklist when you select the 2 Year Bible plan called the “Old Testament and New Testament Together Plan (2Yr)" in the app.

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